Over 1,000 5-Star reviews across the series! 

“Unapologetically raw and deliciously filthy, Shepherd & Claire’s dark, gritty story is an emotional punch to the gut!”


Anna Zaires, NYT bestselling author

“Startling in its brutality, the Alpha’s Claim series is a sensual masterpiece which glorifies in its own unflinching depiction of the most base of human nature.”


Zoe Blake, USA Today bestselling author

“Beautiful and devastating, sensual yet poetic, Addison Cain’s Born to be Bound is the perfect example of why she’s a master at the genre.”


Jane Henry, USA Today Bestselling author

“Original, edgy, dangerously dark, and captivating. Addison Cain has a twisted mind that makes me stand back in awe. Do not miss this series!”


Alta Hensley, USA Today Bestselling author

“There’s no shortage of drama as alliances form and surprising betrayals are revealed.”


Kirkus Reviews

“Well, I’m not sure what the hell I just read, but I do know that it’s on my Best of 2016 list and I f**king loved it.”


Summer’s Eve Reads

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